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Useful Tips

A Short Guide to Beginners' Running*

1 - Take it easy -

If you have never run before, or have had a long break from running be careful not to over do it.

2 - Be Patient -

Steady progress is the key. Doing too much too soon can cause injury. Gradually increase the time you spend running over several weeks. Experts recommend not increasing your distance by more than 10 percent a week.

3 - Remember, walk if you need to! -

This is not cheating, this will help you to improve.  Short rests during runs can help stamina.  This is essentially the same as interval training.

4 - Keep a steady pace -

You should not be gasping for air, if you cannot talk whilst running, you are working too hard.

5 - Warm-Up, Cool down and Stretch! -

Your body needs time to prepare for exercise and time to recover after a run.  For more information on this, see the 'Warm-Ups and Stretches' section of this site.

6 - If something hurts... Stop! -

Do not run with pain.  If you are injured, you will only make it worse.  You must seek medical advice.

7 - Take days off -

No one trains every day.  Your body needs time to rest and recover.  Your muscles can only recover and strengthen with rest.

8 - Eat -

Remember to fuel your body before running. Do not run on empty. Try to eat something around 1 hour before a run but don't eat too much.

9 - Keep Hydrated -

Have plenty to drink before, during and after exercise.  Listen to your body.  If you are thirsty drink - do not drink because you think you have to.

10 - Record your achievements -

You can do this in your area on the website.  Don't worry about beating others, in running it is all about beating yourself! There are various ways to measure this such as number of reps, length of time, increased distance etc.

(Information from Runner's World)

*Please note, the contents of this page is for information only. By following any of this, you do so at your own risk.  Face-Up Fitness cannot be liable for any injury or other incidents caused as a direct or indirect result of using any of this information.