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There’s a huge range of excellent quality running apparel out there. You can take your chances wearing uncomfortable, stylish kit when you’re out for a few hours on the town, but when you’re running long distances you need optimal performance and support from your clothing.

Luckily, sports companies devote a lot of time and effort to apparel design, so clothing can be stylish and feel great, as well as helping improve your performance and enjoyment. It all adds to the feel good factor of running.

A key factor to look for in all running clothing is Moisture management.

The latest fabric technology is designed to wick moisture away from your body, ensuring you remain cool and dry in warm conditions and warm and dry in colder conditions. Unless you’re still living in the dark ages it’s unlikely that you’re running or exercising in cotton fabrics. But in case you still are, here’s a fact to make you think again: cotton absorbs and then holds 8% of its weight in moisture; polyester (such as Dri-FIT) retains just 0.4% of its weight, besides, it’s already far lighter to begin with. What’s more, modern fabrics wash, dry and wear far more easily; you can wash out Dri-FIT at night shake it hard and hang it in the shower; by the morning it will be dry and look perfect.